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I was born in Penzance Cornwall and left school at 15 to work on a farm overlooking Mounts Bay. In 1956 I joined the Royal Air Force and returned to Penzance in 1991.

Brilliant colours and rich detail are characteristic to my landscapes which have a strong sense of place; England especially Devon and Cornwall. My work has been exhibited throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and is in private collections worldwide.

A strong influence is the English country poet John Clare (1793-1864) who said ”a poet is born not made” and I believe it to be the same of artists.

I really would like the paintings to speak for themselves…

Lewis Mitchell

Original Paintings for Sale

Available for purchase directly from the artist. All prices include frames and postage.
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Fresh, exciting, vibrant and uplifting

The Guardian

Vibrant colours and finely executed painting are a direct shot of sunshine, the essence of Penwiths’ landscape, light and life

Cornwall Today

Just lovely

Stubroft Gallery - Copenhagen

Well developed sense of line and colour


In love with the landscape. Bold & vigorous, his pictures glow with joy and optimism

Painting World

Very impressive!

Alexander McKenzie

The real thing!

Sir Terry Frost

Deep affection for, and knowledge of, Cornwall

Western Morning News

Excels in decorative description of vessels in distress

The Scotsman

Beautiful English landscapes

Gallery Bram, AARHUS - Denmark

His pictures leave their mark on both mind and eye

Frank Ruhrmund - The Cornishman

For all enquires please telephone: 01736 369711
or Email:

For all enquires
please telephone:
01736 369711

Or tap here to
send an email